Rainbows Taste As Good As They Look!

Who said rainbows have to taste like skittles?!

Because my birthday and my friend Midge’s birthday are the four days apart, the past two years we have had our birthday parties together. Well, this year it we celebrated a little late… a lot late. like… almost two months late 🙂 Two of our friends had had their birthdays by this time so we decided to celebrate all of them at the same time. There’s about 7 of us (although we were missing one birthday girl from a last minute problem and another with a work conflict) when we all get together so we decided that we’d just go eat at Chili’s (love) and then head back to my house for a movie and cake.

But I had one condition…. I wanted to make the cake. Why? Because I found this fabulous cake via Pinterest on Bird on a Cake. The process was interesting… my mom slightly doubted me and my sister was very curious!

I couldn’t find any orange or purple gel icing so my tie-dye was missing a few colors but I still loved it!

I drug the color down the side a little bit.

The top was cool but the inside was the real kicker! When I brought it out of the fridge (where I kept it to keep the gel icing from running)  the girls were very impressed. I told them to just wait… there was a surprise inside 🙂

It’s a little bit messy after cutting into it… but I am a terrible cake cutter!!

Yeah… the phones came out and pictures were taken 🙂

On the topics of rainbows to celebrate my art teacher’s birthday and my last day of high school (ever!!) I made some rainbow cupcakes! Usingthis tutorial from Chica and Jo to “stripe” the icing and a family technique to fill them which I will post a tutorial on later. The cupcakes were super moist because I used this recipe from Primitives by the Light of the Moon but substituted the pistachio pudding for french vanilla and just used canned frosting. But still… so yummy!! The pudding makes the cake very moist! They were a hit! I had 2 left over after class! I had around 30 when I went to school that day!

Much better than skittles 🙂 Prettier too!


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