Here’s To the Best Summer Ever.

My friends and I have decided (so of course it’s official) this is going to be the best summer ever. It’s already off to a good start!! 🙂 On Memorial Day we had a small cul-de-sac gathering with the neighbors and made yummy homemade ice cream!!


None of that silly electric homemade ice cream! We use an old fashioned crank ice cream maker and I promise you it makes all the difference in the flavor. Our neighbors, who moved here from Florida last year had never had homemade ice cream. It was quite the new experience for one of them… we let him have the paddle, which, according to my uncles and father, is the best part.

That large thing is what goes around…. and around…. and around… and around… and around…. you get the picture… for about 30-45 minutes while the ice cream is mixed and frozen.

Meanwhile, I’ve created some to-do lists of things that we will be doing this summer 🙂 Although, not always with the same group of kids, it’s gonna be an amazing two months!! 😀

  1. Go out for Sushi
  2. Ride the Pumpkin Vine Trail from Middlebury to the Chief/Honey’s for ice cream
  3. Watch movies outside
  4. Just Dance night
  5. Go to the Flea Market
  6. Game Night
  7. Play Croquet (so, no one really knows about this yet… but it’s gonna happen. I have access to a set.) mwahahaha
  8. Go out for breakfast
  9. Go watch friends preform in Hairspray
  10. Spontaneous chick flicks to introduce a friend to the classics (like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)

When I think about the days ahead, I get warm fuzzies inside. It’s our last “normal” summer together and I’m going to milk it for all that it’s worth.


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