Dear Blog:

It’s not that I forget about you… It’s just that I have so much to do! So prom was almost 2 weeks ago and it was a BLAST!!

Prom 2012

They told us to be car models… and I had to show these girls how it’s done!



Epic Car!

Prom 2012

I always have to be in the middle! 😦

 Junior Year prom was definitely not this much fun! Maybe because it was our last hurrah I just went all out and didn’t care if I was a bad dancer or not. Only bad part about our prom is that the last two songs are always slow songs. It’s just such a kill-joy. The next day was my 18th birthday!! (I really thought it would’ve been AMAZING to win some of the prom prizes because of that…) We were gonna go to some really nice outlet malls but since I had to be at church in the evening, we just went to the mall and did some shopping. We ate lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries (SOOO GOOD). 


This past weekend was choir state finals. Only 16 choirs go down (yes, we made it last Saturday)  Places 16-9 aren’t that  big of a deal. They hand out the awards in random order. No, you really want to be in the top 8. And WE DID IT!! We got 6th in the state!!! I went on stage with my director and another student to represent our school and the closer they got to the 8th place the more nervous I got! I was more nervous then, than I had been to sing! When we went down to receive the plaque and take photos, the ISSMA judge shook all our hands and I had been so nervous, my hands had gotten really cold back stage and he mentioned it… slightly embarrassed. 


Lastly, shouldn’t your last month in high school be a walk through the park? Not so! I just took my AP Calculus exam today but that doesn’t really slow me down at all! Between planning my open house and trying to get all my invitations out and trying to write an English paper. That’s right. An English paper with 3 weeks of school left. My life feels pretty crazy and my bedroom can tell the tale! The art show was last friday though, and that was fun! I got my first blue ribbons this year! Although, I did stay up too late almost every night trying to finish a project… 😥 it made me sick. That’s all I can think of for now… I do think about you Mr. Blog, I haven’t forgotten you! 


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