I tried my hand at: Falafel

I enjoy being in the kitchen, I like being the stereotypical girl that all the woman jokes at school are about. Favorite one lately is: That was a cool story… now go make me a sandwich. I trust myself to bake most things, but to actually cook is another story. While in New York I ate at this tiny mediterranean restaurant, which by the time we chose a restaurant, I wasn’t even hungry anymore… I ordered the appetizer falafel, something I recognized but had never tried before. It was delicious and came with this cucumber sauce and I’ve been wanting to eat some again! So I did some research and found that to make falafel from scratch, the ingredient list is ominous. So I found that there are several different box mixes out there and using this guide, I purchased the Near East Falafel mix (because that was the only one Meijer had). So, with box in hand and the ingredients to make the yogurt/cucumber sauce listed on the back I prepared myself to make dinner last night. They don’t look super appetizing in photos (so no picture)  but they were really good!! They were really strong with spices and I was very glad we had the sauce to dip them in. I had my dad grill some chicken breast and we added some grapes and called it a meal! Next time, (if there is a next time) I think I’d like to try them fried like hush puppies. I broiled them because it was more healthy but if frying them would make them more crispy, I think I’d prefer that.

One lesson learned: falafel doesn’t taste very good warmed up.

In other news, I got to see my grandmother’s wedding shoes! Very snazzy! I love vintage things! But I think the saddest part about them, is that my grandmother never liked them.


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